THE versatile radial tyres for maxi-scooters. Providing exemplary handling and stability even when heavily loaded 

Why is this the right tyre for me?

moto picto adhesion route tyres


Excellent grip on all kinds of road surfaces, in the rain and cold temperatures: braking distances 4m shorter on wet surfaces compared to the MICHELIN Power Pure SC.

moto edito pilot road 4 scooter 6 tips and advice


All the handling ability you need for urban riding, exemplary stability even when heavily loaded, and additional comfort on long journeys; MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 Scooter tyres provide unparalleled performance even on the most powerful maxi-scooters.

moto picto longevite pneu tyres


10% longer-lasting compared to its predecessors, MICHELIN Power Pure Scooter tyres and MICHELIN Pilot Sport Scooter tyres.

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Does this tyre fit my vehicle?

3 sizes available for this tyre




160/60 R14 65H
Width 160
Aspect Ratio 60
Rim Size 14
Load Index 65
Speed Index H
120/70 R15 56H
Width 120
Aspect Ratio 70
Rim Size 15
Load Index 56
Speed Index H
160/60 R15 67H
Width 160
Aspect Ratio 60
Rim Size 15
Load Index 67
Speed Index H
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