The dual-compound sport tyre designed for sporty use combines grip on dry and wet surfaces, and power around the curves.

  • Excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces
  • Excellent stability

Why is this the right tyre for me?

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Grip and maneuverability

The MICHELIN Pilot Power 2CT is designed for enjoying sporty style riding. It satisfies riders' demands by combining excellent grip on both wet and dry surfaces as well as an optimized service life.

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MICHELIN 2CT dual-compound technology

A tyre that's resistant in the middle and tender on the edges, allowing it a maximum lean angle of 51.2°, is an unprecedented feat for a tyre designed for the road. Thanks to its 2CT dual-compound technology, this is just an example of the MICHELIN Pilot Power 2CT’s performance capabilities.

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A tyre designed for sporty use

Designed to last on long trips without ever cutting corners, the MICHELIN Pilot Power 2CT withstands the aggression of accelerations and doesn’t flinch at harsh braking.

Does this tyre fit my vehicle?

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