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Thanks to their versatility, roadsters are perfect for any and all of your city and road journeys. We advise you to take a look at our MICHELIN Road 5 range of road tyres in its various forms, as well as the MICHELIN Power RS/RS+ range.

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A versatile treaded racing tyre that provides excellent stability and warms up fast for maximum riding pleasure.

More confidence, in wet and dry conditions, even after 3000 miles*

Modern technologies to make the most of your classic bike! 

The new must-have MICHELIN Road tyre

Outstanding on wet roads, especially when braking, MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tyres are versatile and long-lasting.

100% circuit tyre, specially designed for maximum grip on wet surfaces.

A combination of technologies for better grip on wet surfaces, for longer periods of time. Ride with total peace of mind in all types of weather!

The dual-compound sport tyre designed for sporty use combines grip on dry and wet surfaces, and power around the curves.

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