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James Liong

Reasonable price, good service and friendly boss


One of the best ! The boss is hand on type !

Cheng Chan

Jangan datang ke kedai ini ! Don't come to this shop to give them any businesses. They are probably having too good business that they didn't even want to help repairing a punctured tire. Their reason was that there were too many customers, the wait would be 2 hours. When I asked them whether I could borrow their compressed air to fill up my punctured tire so that I could drive further to look for another shop, they also declined saying that they were too busy to find the nozzle. With this kind of attitude, I have a feeling that they would not a good job and might probably con you. Anyone giving them business doesn't deserve any pity if got cheated. Good luck! Go somewhere for better service. Stay away from this shop. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Jingyee Loh

Friendly boss & worker

Pat Lee

Not bad

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