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wong yu zhi

Took my front wheel drive perodua car for rotation, balancing n alignment. Decided to try it out as it's near, looks new and clean, got many expensive cars being serviced there and authorised Michelin tyre distributor. Cost : rm60 (slightly expensive but i decided to go ahead and see if its worth the price) time: about 30 min Pro : electronic alignment (that's the only thing). He aligned the camber and toe in. Didn't manage to note the camber value but it's negative. Toe in (+0.03 degree). Con : 1. No receipts at all!! 2. pneumatic wrench ( uneven n improper tightening torque). Reaching home i checked and discovered that the nuts aren't tightened evenly as well. Some can be loosened easily while some r extremely tight. 3. Cross rotation for BOTH front n rear tyres and when i asked how the 2nd rotation would be, he said it's the same. (The correct rotation pattern should be front wheel straight to the back while back wheel cross to front. ) i went home and did it myself afterwards. 4. Car jacked up via the suspension cross beam which is not recommended. Authorised service centre would never Jack that location. 5. He deflated my tyre without checking what the pressure should be. I have never inflated my tyre beyond the recommended value. So tmr morning i need to inflate my tyre again. 6. My car is less than a year old and he decides to give old weight attachment on my car wheel instead of new ones 7. Be prepared to put car seat covers if you decide to let them service your car. Also need to wipe your car steering and gear levers after servicing.

Zulffa Abdul Aziz

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