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SUV Frequently Asked Questions

The popularity of SUV's has increased dramatically over the last decade.

As SUV's are a fairly new style of vehicle that continues to evolve, as do the interests and queries of new and prospective owners. Don't get left in the dark with your questions unanswered.

Take advantage of a range of questions that have been answered by our experts as part of of this handy SUV FAQs hub.

What Does SUV Stand for?

We all know what it is, however, do you know what SUV stands for? Thankfully, here at Michelin, we are in the know and are happy to help!

Are All SUVs 4-Wheel Drive

Although it may look like an off-road vehicle, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Here at Michelin, we answer your question: ‘Are all SUVs 4-wheel drive?’

Are SUVs Safer Than Cars?

The SUV sits as undoubtedly one of the largest and most dominant vehicles on the road. Here at Michelin we answer the question: ‘Are SUVs safe?’

Are SUVs More Expensive to Insure?

At Michelin we want the best deal for you. Here, we set out to examine whether or not SUVs are more expensive to insure than alternatives.

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Are SUVs Good in the Snow?

With seasonal weather becoming regularly more intense, some cars may struggle with snowy conditions. Here, Michelin looks at SUVs in bad weather.

Can an SUV go Off-Road?

SUV cars are known to be sturdier, but how do they fare off-road? Here, Michelin describes if an SUV can go on off-road adventures.

What SUV Tyres do I Need?

Michelin sells a range of top quality tyres. Find out which of our tyres are best suited for SUV cars.

How are 4x4 / Off-Road Tyres Measured and Classified?

Have you ever wondered how 4x4/Off-Road tyres are measured and classified? Michelin have the answer!

How Many Miles can I Expect From an SUV Tyre?

Each tyre has a different average lifespan. Here, Michelin describe how many miles you can expect your SUV tyres to last for.

What is the Legal Limit for SUV Tyres?

If your tyres aren’t road worthy, you are committing an offence. Here, Michelin talk through the legal requirements for SUV tyres and tyre tread.

When to Replace SUV Tyres?

Tyres are a huge part of your car being road-worthy and also performance. Let Michelin talk you through when is best to replace your SUV’s tyres.

What Should SUV Tyre Pressure be?

Having the correct tyre pressure is crucial in regard to efficiency, safety, and a variety of other driving factors. Read our expert Michelin advice today.

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At Michelin, we understand what it takes to create not only a good, but the ultimate driving experience, and we're experts in what tyres are required to do so. We've pieced together a handy guide on everything you need to know about SUV tyres.