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The right tyres for the right usage

moto edito circle commuting tips and advice

Commuting Tyres

You use your motorcycle/scooter for your job or for travelling to and from your place of work. Your vehicle feels the effects of life in the city: frequent stops at traffic lights, dodging other vehicles, damaged road surfaces… and you ride whatever the weather, all year round. Your tyres need to be hard-wearing and help you travel safely for as long as possible.

moto edito circle off road tips and advice

Off-Road Tyres

Cross, Enduro, Trial and Rally are all-terrain activities that require tyres with optimal grip and traction. MICHELIN offers a full range of competition tested tyres, suited to your needs and to every kind of terrain (sand, mixed, soft, hard...) you might encounter.

moto edito circle tracks tips and advice

Tracks Tyres

Tried and tested on the racetrack, our range of track tyres are made using advanced technology that has withstood some of the most impressive circuits around. High performance tyres for added grip and total safety.

moto edito circle days out tips and advice

Adventure - All Terrain Tyres

A beautiful road, beautiful bends, beautiful sunshine, it's time to hit the road! With MICHELIN tyres, there's no need to choose between the ride of your life and a safe day out.

moto edito circle retro tips and advice

Retro - Vintage Tyres

For fans of vintage scooters and motorcycles, MICHELIN has designed a range of tyres with a decorative touch. Be sure to stand out from the crowd when you ride, with no compromise on stability and grip.

moto edito circle travel tips and advice

Touring Tyres

Looking for an adventure? Our tyres will follow you on your journey along smooth roads or off the beaten track in search of new experiences. Our aim: to provide you with tyres that last and can go anywhere with the highest level of comfort and total safety.

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