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VOLVO Trucks Technical Notice


Michelin tyre 295/80R22.5 X Multi Z fitted on the front axle of VOLVO prime movers FM, FMX & FH is in line with JPJ requirement of minimum axle load capacity of 7 tons. This tyre is capable of sustaining loads up to 3,550 kg per tyre.

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us at Michelin. We ensure our tyres complies to the local regulations to ensure safe operation on the roads.

Feel free to contact our Michelin office if you have any questions.



1)This notification shall only apply to Michelin 295/80R22.5 X Multi Z 152/149M TL tyres purchased from an authorised distributor of Michelin in Malaysia.

2)This notice shall not apply to any parallel imports of the Michelin 295/80R22.5 X Multi Z 152/149M TL tyre.

3)Please note that this notification is effective in Malaysia only

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