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Singtex com

The bosses r seniors and friendly but they think know a lot and very experienced. Arrogant not to accept the view of customers. Keen on selling the Michelin tires but poor on the alignment services and maintainence. They r just rushing to attend to many customers as possible and disregarding quality services. I need to go 4 times to them to seek correction but failed. Finally I went to a different shop to have it rectified.

wen choong

Great service & reasonably priced tyres


Good alignment and balancing work. Well done with thanks.

WIlson Ko

Went to this place for balancing and alignment. Drive awhile the steering will not balance will turn more to right. Bring back there for them to test drive they said no problem. I bring to other place to do alignment again found out the right toe adjust a bit off. After that ok already. Don't bother to bring it to kee hin for alignment, arrogant. Never listen to customer needs and more importantly it so difficult to put it to alignment machine and check again. Family arrogant hokien speaking family business.....

Alex Tai

Just had my tyres changed and the service was very efficient. Another good thing about them is they use torque wrenches to tighten the lug nuts instead of using an impact gun, which might strip the threads. "If an auto service centre doesn't have a torque wrench, turn the other way and run!!"
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