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Tay Eng Kiat

Good service and very reasonable price

Dinya Johnson

Good service. Reasonable price. Timely.

Jim bond

workers getting lazy。。。they old me need to rotate tyre so I said ok then when they did the high speed balancing and they put back the same place... when I saw I said where is the rotation he said because my rear tyres too big then I said can rotate left to right.right? He said my tyre got rotation... I said rotation also can be done right? Just take out the tyres and swop the rims...haiz one word..."lazy"

stephen tong

original parts - they ask you when you need to change parts and show you and let you decide - professional , thorough check - honest with opinion and did a proper job.

Tracy Lim

Professional . However they close around 6pm . Hence you have to visit in the morning if you have major work needed to be fixed .
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