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Mimi Chua

The best shop I found so far. Very reasonable pricing. Trusted services and good customer service support always confident my car is in good professional hands. All staffs and boss himself are technically sound and hands on. Keep it up. Wish you great economic prosperity in your business. 😂😊👍🙏🙏🙏

marcel lee

They have one of the best customer service, extremely well done guys. Great customer service will always bring customers back. Just got the car tyre fix and BOOM, they nailed it. WELL DONE GUYS, extremely proud of the service. Keep it up.

Daniel Koay

Just doned my Myvi Michilin tyre replacement on 29th December 2018. Quite disappointed on the hidden charges. Last year only charge alignment cost rm10, but this year they have breakdown the service cost to: 1) alighment rm25 (increase 15 ringgit) 2) balancing rm10 (additional charges) 3) tyre valve rm10 (they changed my tyre valve without asking) 4) they will only provide breakdown receipt after payment done. Which mean it is too late for you to notify the additional service cost. So overall service cost increase rm35 compare to last year. Friendly reminder to those visit their shop, ask for hidden charges before you proceed or get them to notify you before doing any part replacement. PS: I am not recommend to visit the shop.

Eric Tan

Tyres & batteries service, maintenance and replacement. They also provide car oil filter and basic oil replacement services. Proffessional and no nonense service and maintenance provider. A bit pricey but trustworthy work and in accordance to the specified manufacturer warranty on parts. Good and satisfied with the services provided. But the Waiting Room is kind of small with no refreshment like drinking water dispenser or lite food (eg. biscuits, tid-bits, etc.) provided. The air-con was running but was NOT effective in bringing the temperature to cool, good thing it was drizzling outside so the temperature inside this room was bearable. Also the parking or stopping there was a nightmare due to the heavy traffic in front of this shop.

Oliver Lee

They dropped my expensive luxury sports rim against brake caliper when removing the rim, and didn't care to bother. Just said its not impacting functionality and not well visible. But to me, they didn't handle things properly. Careless. Improperly Jacking my car up with 4 manual hydraulic Jack and without any fall preventive measures. I've told to handle with care but still. Not professional. However, good price for battery replacement, but not alignment and balancing services.
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