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Designed for driving pleasure with excellent longevity and safety in both wet and dry conditions.

Why is this the right tyre for me?

car gif tyres better handling in curves

Enhanced driving pleasure with precise handling performance*

*The MICHELIN Pilot Sport range is certified for use on more than 200 models


Excellent road holding in curves and very precise steering. Recognized by top sports cars manufacturers.

car gif faster shorter braking rain tyres

Shorter braking distance for greater safety*

*Test conducted in 2009 by the independent TUV SUD Automotive test centre in tyre size 245/40 ZR 18 Y. 3 meters shorter wet braking distance compared to MICHELIN Pilot Sport PS2.


Engineered to excel in wet conditions, with the ability to offer excellent grip in corners and brake shorter.

car gif lasts x miles longer tyres

Long lasting tread compound without compromising on fuel efficiency*

*10% long lasting compared to MICHELIN Pilot Sport PS2


Combined performances in one tyre - thanks to the experience gained from more than 10 consecutive Le Mans 24 Hour victories.

Design & Technology

MICHELIN Program distortion design tyre technology

1. Program distortion design (Precise Steering)

Using the latest digital simulation software from aeronautic and automobile industries, the tyre profile is designed to maximize the road contact area while the tread compound is formulated to reach an optimized temperature. Driving precision is thus met whatever the speed.

MICHELIN Anti Surf System tyre technology

2. Anti Surf System (Wet Grip and Handling)

The "Anti Surf System" provides an optimum grip on wet surfaces. It optimises the tyre profile enabling it to cut through deep standing water, whereas other tyres may suffer from aquaplaning. This advantage is reinforced by the rubber compound made of a wet grip elastomer.

12 TM5754 VA 169 2

3. Sport Power Compound (Long lasting and Fuel efficiency)

This rubber compound inherited from MICHELIN motorsport success history provides a remarkable tyre mileage thanks to a high resistance to wear.

michelin warranty banner



MICHELIN serves its customers by producing tyres that maintain high performance and efficiency standards throughout their lifetimes, including for grip and feel. This is a strategy that the Group applies across all its activities and products, from cars and motorcycles to trucks.


MICHELIN product performance is a result of great care and quality built into the product at every stage of the production process. MICHELIN products are assured through MICHELIN Group’s global quality standards - a benchmark in the industry.


MICHELIN tyres are warranted* against defect in material or workmanship for a period of five (5) years  from the date of purchase, or until the wear of the minimum legal tread depth (according to country legislation), whichever occurs first.


* Terms and conditions apply. For details, please ask one of our authorised dealers in Africa, India and Middle East.

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2 sizes available for MICHELIN Pilot Sport 3 ST

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MICHELIN Pilot Sport 3 ST 185/55 R15 86V XL TL PILOT SPORT 3 ST DT MI



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