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Reviews By Google

rashidi saidin

Exelent service. Attention to detail and good customer service. Clean facility and good price

William Chua

Competitive tyre pricing for 18" - 20", lots of choice for sport rim. Professional service by staff. Chances of seeing supercars as well.

Jia Yu Low

Why not try going to this tyre workshop? I mean, ignore what those people say man! They have the best services of all, clean and friendly workshop. I personally think that the price of the tyres and rim they sell is acceptable. Yes, you might need to wait a bit. But, the quality of their alignment and balancing is absolutely worth it!

Adam Yong

I sent my car to fix the front punctured tyre but end up paid RM 900! I am not sure if this is the new tactics to get more business? Here is what’s happened to me… Some background story … While fetching kids to school in the morning, I already noticed one of the front tyre air pressure is very low. After sending them to school, I drop by the petrol station to fill the air for each tyre. Each of them was having around 160-170 kPa except the problematic tyre at 60kPa. In the afternoon, we (including my wife) sent my car to Speed Line Tyres Services Centre to get it repaired. While we were watching how their technician was taking out the screw on the front tyre, we noticed another technician seems like sneaking around at the rear wheel at the other site. We didn’t put much attention and just wanted to make sure the front tyres get fixed asap as we are rushing to fetch our kids back from school. Suddenly the technician said the rear tyre also punctured. We went over and heard the air leaking’s sound…Zh...Zh… Then, he said the side part of the tyre also got another nail (with cap). The technician told us if the side tyre punctured, it can’t be repaired as it won’t last long. We need to replace a new tyre (usually we will change the tyre by pair). This is unbelievable. How can a cap nail fly itself and stick on the side of the tyre? Something is not right, and I started to ask how it can happen? One of the technicians say maybe while moving, the nail spiked up and stuck on it. He also mentioned if the tyre is in good condition, we won’t be able to push a nail into it easily. Once he finished his words, my wife took the same nail and pushed it into the tyre and made another hole…EASILY... He kept quiet and started to walk away. And if the nail really stucks on it earlier… we should notice the air leaking sound while step out from the car. I guess while we were watching them to fix the front tyre, the other technicians started to do something at the back. I told them just temporary fix the 2 punctured tyres and made it moveable. The other technician who was helping to fix the punctured tyre kept saying SORRY to us…??? And none of the other staff or technician dares to come near to talk with us. We didn’t argue with them much as we were rushing. We went to another shop and replaced 2 rear tyres at RM 900 (yes, might got cut a bit but at least they don’t do dirty tricks). The technician at the other car tyre shop also said it is impossible the nail will stick on the side deeply and nicely. Fixing a punctured tyre just cost RM 10-RM15. There is not much margin there. Is this the new tactic to make us change a new set of tyres? If this is true, I guess it should be the instruction from the top. I don’t think a junior technician dare to do this trick. Yes, their shops (this is the second shop within Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara) are big and full of luxury cars to change rim and new tyres. I am surprised with this the new tactics trying to get even more revenue… Malaysia Boleh! Again, I didn’t see it with my own eyes whether the technician did the dirty tricks. I am just sharing what I experienced and do some logical thinking. It up to everyone to judge yourself. Good luck!


Too good to be true offers which ended up in frustration. I feel like i got ripped off for buying new tyres here. Not worth your money. Dont fall for their promo and salestalk too easily.
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