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jared lee

Mr Joseph Lee (Proton Advisor)of Edaran Saga (Penang/Jelutong) S/B highly recommended me to this Pit Stop Tyre Shop, for the change of my 4 tyres. "Good service and at very affordable price of tyres", as claimed by Joseph AND HE WAS RIGHT. The change took some 35 mins while I was seated inside the air con waiting room, with see through glass panels, observing the staff in operation ie changing the tyres. And the Boss, gave discounts to the 4 Michelin tyres that was on promo...despite me, not knowing a promo was on. Honest guy!!! A full recommendation for tyre change at this shop!!!

Mohd zaidi Hassan

Aligment rm 20. Balancing rm 20

Fibo Law

Good service and reasonable price.

Mohamed Ismail

Price wise okay. Very skilled workers. Managed to fix the issue in one try. Got air conditioned waiting room which is a plus

K.E. Ooi

Air-conditioned waiting room with WiFi & Chinese newspaper.
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