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Reviews By Google

Nashrul Iqram

Very fast & efficient. The staff were friendly. Affordable price. I did alignment & balancing. They washed my tyres, used torque wrench to tighten the bolts. Overall very satisfied with the service. Will definitely come again.

James Ng

Went for balancing and alignment...excellent service, uses torque wrench and they cleaned every wheel before installing them back 👍

pui cheng Lum

Didnt tell in advance that checking will charge. Please understand not all customers have the same understanding.

Jessica Maung

Very unreasonable charges! I drove to their shop, fetching a staff there to my other car where the tyre was punctured. He drove that car to his shop, found the nail & just fix back the hole of my tyre. The same staff drove my car to park back where it was just now & I drove him back to his shop. He charged me RM 30! When I asked for the breakdown, he said if a staff was asked to leave the shop it's RM 20, fixing the tyre hole only RM 10! What nonsense is this when I'm the one fetching him back & forth using my own fuel, where it was all very nearby to each other only?!

Hakim Zenian

If you dont mind the slighlty higher price, but looking for one of the best workmanship in town, then this is the place. They use manual torque wrench instead of air gun, if u r using lock nut, u will be happy. On top of that, they wash your wheels & tyres for free...

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